About us

The SwissJoy Band consists of at least three members (one singer and two musicians) in the basic formation who have learned their craft from scratch.

Therefore, you can expect professional and really great sound.
Our formation can be engaged in a trio, quartet or quintet.

As a music and party band, we are active throughout Switzerland and neighboring countries. Let yourself be pampered by our sound and forget everyday life for an evening. An experience that you will not soon forget !!!



Our bandleader studied music and singing at the Music Academy in Vienna for 6 years. Played in well-known professional bands for 2 years until he founded the SwissJoy Band in 1986.

He plays the keyboard, accordion, harmonica, arranges the songs, composes and writes his own songs for the band and he is also the lead and back vocal singer.



Rina had a vocal training in Russia.

She plays the keyboard

Rina has been a lead and back vocal singer in the SwissJoyband since 2018.



The former professional musician has been with the SwissJoy Band since 2011.

He plays lead and rhythm guitar, does lead and back vocal.



Anja has a vocal training, as well as training on the accusitic guitar

Ania has been in the band for 4 years

She plays the accumulator guitar, keyboard does lead and back vocal.



The former blues musician has been with the SwissJoy Band since 2000.

He plays lead and rhythm guitar, and also does back vocal.